Birdland Movie

Birdland Diaries: Day Seven

by Katrina G

Oh lordy, am I ever tired.

Day seven was exhausting but the toughest part to survive was the morning, when we were wrapping  up as the sun shone blindingly through the floor to ceiling windows in our condo location, and I got that rush of end-of-day-adrenaline that made it nearly impossible to fall asleep when I finally stumbled home around 8am. I think I dropped off around 10, but not before I sent a bunch of semi-delirious emails to a few cast and crew members to thank them for being such superstars during the first half of our shoot.

the suspension rig for today's big scene

the suspension rig for today’s big scene

The one person I haven’t spent enough time thanking – either in this blog or in real life – is my director, who definitely does deserve some serious praise for how well he’s managed the first half of the shoot. I think of him as my “partner” in the film and so I often forget to say “hey, thanks, good job” because I somehow imagine that he either doesn’t need to hear it, or that he should already know that’s how I feel.

Everyone needs to hear that kind of thing, though. I wouldn’t have survived the past week or two without the nice texts, emails and phone calls from friends telling me that they’re proud of me for getting this shit done.

the ropes

the ropes

So, anyway, day seven was a huge day. We had a lot of pages to get through, and a big rope bondage stunt scene smack dab in the middle of the day, which took a lot of  both time and energy.  Everything looks incredible. We didn’t get every scene on the schedule (a recurring problem that causes me much anxiety) but what we did get looks stellar.

I’m starting to come up with strategies for how we will still have a complete movie even if we can’t pick up all the small moments we’ve dropped along the way, and that is a logistical and creative challenge that I wish I had more brain power to dedicate to. For now, I just need more sleep. And probably more fresh fruit.

the producer, nearly dead after a long-ass day

the producer, nearly dead after a long-ass day